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Stump Removal in Winston-Salem

Stump Removal involves pulling the whole stump including the roots from the ground. This requires heavy force from high-powered machines in order to properly remove the roots. Because stump removal eliminates both stump and its roots, it leaves the work area messy. However, it ensures no chance of growth or sprout in the area. H&A Landscaping are experts in making sure your yard look new. In reality, your tree service gives you the decision to let the root decay or be removed completely with the stump. Removing the whole composition of the stump results in a deep hole depending on how deep the roots have reached. This hole then needs to be filled in. Stump removal is typically used when clearing a space for a building and aesthetics is not important. In basic terms, stump grinding is one of the many methods of stump removal.

Stump grinding the right way

Stump grinding uses a machine that is likely to be very heavy and wide in order to allow wider access for your work. This machine is called a stump grinder. It is a heavy piece of high-tech professional machinery powered by petrol engine and consists of hydraulically controlled arm and steel cutting wheel found at the end of the arm. The cutting wheel has extremely sharp steel teeth spinning at a very-high speed allowing to have a better grind. Stump grinders must only be operated by experienced professionals such as qualified tree service personnel, arborists or landscapers. Stump grinding doesn't begin immediately after the tree removal process. The place needs to be thoroughly inspected again to know if utilities (gas, water, communication or electricity) may be on the way to work. Precautionary measures need to be done, properly planned and implemented in order to ensure the safety not only of the team but of the facilities and other people within the area of the operation. Workers need to use eye and hearing protection, hard hats and work gloves when using a stump grinder. Every obstacle near the stump must be removed. This includes stones and rocks because they can damage the teeth of the cutting wheel.


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